Saturday, 5 March 2011

Killer Cotton

Cotton crops use a staggering 25% of the worlds pesticides. Many of them deadly, and used by farmers who do not understand the dangers or are not equipped with the correct protective clothing needed to handle these harmful chemicals. Pesticides cause over 20,000 deaths a year from accidental poisonings. Aldicarb, the second most used pesticide in cotton production, just one drop absorbed through the skin is enough to kill an adult. And there are the farmers spraying it in the fields in their shorts and t-shits and sandals...This chemical is banned in over 70 countries, it's use is banned in the EU yet the EU still produce it and sell it the third world countries, where is the sense in that?!

This is a complete outrage. It is so unbelievable that this is happening right now, and that we are contributing to this by buying cotton products which are manufactured in this way everyday. So how can we change this? well it is up to YOU.  The fashion industry as a whole is too lazy, too ignorant and too disinterested in fair trade and the environmental issues surrounding the sourcing of raw materials.  Only pressure form the consumer is enough to change their habits. We must be more inquisitive and demanding when purchasing our clothes, sheets, towels, there are SO many cotton products out there! Asking where the cotton is sourced is a start, push for brands to use organic cotton, and ask WHY they don't use organic cotton already. Buy organic cotton products when you can. The more popular it becomes the more it will be produced. The more competition will arise among brands, making organic cotton more widely available.

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