Monday, 11 April 2011

Button Necklace

This necklace can use up any scraps of material you have lying around, and make these pieces into something beautiful. All you need to get is some self-cover buttons; these are the buttons that you can cover with your own fabric. You’ll need piece of robust card, and some ribbon, or a strip of material.

1.Cut a crescent shape out of card, if it is thin card then double it up a few times.       

2.With a pair of pliers remove the hoop that you would normally use to sew the button onto something. This way you can glue the buttons flat onto the card.   

3.Cover around twenty buttons, or how ever many will fit on your
card shape. The thicker the fabric is the harder it is to cover the buttons, so just bear that in mind when picking your fabric.     

4.Using your card shape as a template cut out two moon shapes from your fabric, one slightly bigger so that you can wrap the edges around the edge of the card.    

5.Thinly spread a small amount of glue on one side of the card and stick the larger piece of fabric onto the card, fold the edges round and glue them neatly to the back.   

6.Measure 90cm of ribbon and cut this in half, glue one end of each strip onto the back of your card to create the straps of the necklace.     
7.Glue the other piece of fabric onto the back of the card to cover up all the messy edges.                                                                                                                                        8.Arrange your buttons on your fabric covered card, once you are happy with the arrangement glue the buttons in place, let it dry and your necklace is ready to go!

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