Monday, 11 April 2011

Jeans Dress

This is a great way to use up an old pair of jeans, and once you know how, it is pretty easy, so you’ll be turning your hand to all manor of different trousers to create a great dress.

1. Hold up the waist of the jeans to the top of your bust and mark how long you would like your dress to be. Cut along this line, its always better to leave it a bit longer so you can cut more off later, rather than it being too short. Keep hold of the off cuts for later.                                   
2. Cut the leg open all the way up the inside seam, make sure you leave the original stitching on the front edge.
3. Turn your jeans over to the back, and cut along the seam from the crotch until you get to the bottom of the pockets, then place one side over the other to make it flat. Pin this in place. Do the same on the front, cut up to the zip.
4. Take one of the leg off cuts, and cut along one of the seams to create a flat piece of fabric.

5. Place this behind the front slit in the front and pin in place.

6. Do the same on the back with the other piece of denim, or you can use a different fabric to fill these areas.
7. Try on the dress whilst it is pinned before you stitch it and make sure it fits and hangs right, adjust if necessary and then stitch up all the pinned seams.

8. Once it is all stitched your dress is ready! If you want straps you can use an old tie, scarf, belt or scrap of fabric. Thread it through the back belt strap and then tie the two ends to the two front belt straps.

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  1. Thanks for the insight, I would have never thought of this !