Sunday, 10 April 2011

How many ways can you wear a shirt?

Your wardrobe has far more potential than you think; one simple garment like a shirt can become a multitude of other garments. Here are just a few, I challenge you to experiment and find new discoveries within your own wardrobe. This will save you money, and the world! You can create so many new looks with what you already have.

Wrap the collar of your shirt across your back and under your arms and do up the buttons of the shirt down the front, then get the sleeves and use them as halter neck straps and tie them in a knot at the back of your neck.

As before wrap the collar of the shirt across your back and button up the front, and then tie the arms under your bust.

Wrap the collar of the shirt across your bust this time and do up the buttons at the back, then tie the arms at the back to pull in the waist.

Again, wrap the collar across your bust and do the buttons up at the back, and then use the sleeves to create a halter neck.

Put the shirt on over your shoulders but don't put your arms through the sleeves, do up a few buttons and then tie the sleeves in a loose knot around your neck. 

Hold the shirt out by the sleeves and just wrap over the bust and tie at the back.


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