Monday, 11 April 2011

Fabric Necklace

This is a super simple trick to jazzing up an old chunky bead necklace or if you have a lonely silk scarf that is gathering dust at the back of your knicker drawer, get them out and make something beautiful. All you need is some fairly chunky beads, or even some marbles, and some pretty fabric.

1.Gather around twenty-five beads or marbles measuring at least 1cm, this should make a necklace that will fit over your head so that no fastenings are required.

2.You will need a strip of pretty fabric measuring at least 2m in length and 10cm wide, it needs to be reasonably thin, so thin cottons or silks are best. If you have a square of fabric, cut it into lots of strips and sew together to make one long strip, making sure the seams are on the wrong side of the fabric.

3.Tie a knot 5cm down from one end of your strip, place your bead in the fabric by the knot and twist it around the bead and tie another knot as close to the bead as possible. Keep doing this until all your beads are in place.

4.Once you have tied all of your beads in just tie the two ends of fabric together to create your necklace, and if you have any excess, simply trim it once you have tied the knot. 

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